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Microsoft 365 Backup Solution by COVE Data Protection

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Last Update a year ago

It can be difficult or impossible to restore Microsoft 365 information. After the 14 days standard content retention expires and a deletion has occurred it becomes irretrievable. Therefore, we recommend a third party Microsoft 365 Backup solution called COVE Data Protection from N-ABLE. In summary, because this offers fast and flexible recovery for all elements of Microsoft 365. From just £2.50 per user per month

Retention and Intervals


With Microsoft 365 Backup from COVE, the retention settings are as follows:

Exchange Data – retained for 7 years

OneDrive and SharePoint data – retained for 1 year.

With a suitable MS365 subscription and the correct “retention” settings you can ensure that OneDrive and SharePoint information is not deleted without warning.

Backup Intervals

Exchange Mailboxes are backed up automatically up to 6 times a day, OneDrive and SharePoint up to 4 times per day.

Auto-Add or Manual

All Users / Auto-Add / Safest way

We recommend that you backup all of your licenced users.

Anything that you add is backed up when auto add is turned on. For example, new users, new SP sites, new OneDrive. The benefit, no need to remember. Weald will audit this and bill in arrears.

Manual Selection / Auto-Add disabled

To reduce costs, you may just backup a small selection of licenced users which is simple for Exchange and OneDrive. For SharePoint, you may use a small selection of permissioned users and a specific SharePoint site which must allow by permission those users only.

With ‘auto-add’ disabled, you must inform us in the event that you make changes. For example, if you want to add users or SharePoint sites to the backup. Alternatively, we can grant admin access to control your own backup.

More Benefits of MS365 Backup by COVE

COVE is a full backup solution and is easy to restore. Conversely, native recycle bins nor version histories are not true backups, don’t leave it to chance.

COVE allow for customer controlled or Weald IT Support controlled data restore from an easy control panel. Comparatively, Exchange Online provides high availability. Unfortunately, it lacks many options for customer controlled backup and restore.

Third Party O365 Backup tools like COVE provide recovery from internal threats and external attacks including expanded policies and retention periods.

COVE makes it easy. Even with enhanced products such as the Premium or Enterprise plans, and with full retention turned on, it is still challenging to get data back as it was. It takes a fair amount of work to create a query and rebuild PST’s from email queries on subject matter or sender information.

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